Nine unique tips to spot the pandemic puppy scams

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In 2021, the pandemic is still very serious and millions of families are spending more time at home than ever. The surge of COVID-19 lead to an increase in pet adoption, purchasing, and demand. Rescue organizations are overwhelmed by the number of homes willing to support a rescue dog. While this is great for dogs who need homes, the high demand low supply has presented an opportunity for scammers and eager inexperienced targets.

Puppy proof

If the puppy pictures seem too good to be true, they just might be. It’s extremely difficult to think logically when emotions are involved. Getting a dog…


Potential Pros of Being in a Romantic Relationship

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Why do humans seek monogamous partnership with another human? Why don’t we all remain single? We could make independent decisions that unselfishly put our own goals and desires first. Single people can completely relocate for work or flirt with the barista. They have freedom.

You may be thinking, “That’s crazy! What about sex, jealousy, companionship, loneliness, cultural norms, etc.?” I mean, sure, but there are alternative ways around all that. Maybe you’re thinking, “Whoever wrote this must’ve been a cheater or cheated on”. Nope. Let me explain where I’m coming from.

Compromise or promised con?

Romantic relationships have significant unavoidable cons. When two separate…


51 Things You Should Try Before You Text Your Ex

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  1. Text your best friend. If you trust your friend’s judgment, tell them you’re having the urge to text your ex. This is where your friend will validate you, remind you why your ex doesn’t deserve you, and gas you up!
  2. Listen to an uplifting song
  3. Paint your nails
  4. Organize
  5. Journal
  6. Clean
  7. Dance
  8. Talk to your pet
  9. Talk to your roommate
  10. Text a friend you lost touch with
  11. Go on a dating app
  12. Cook
  13. Bake
  14. Paint
  15. Take photos
  16. Play an instrument
  17. Do something nice for someone
  18. Treat yourself
  19. Buy yourself something nice
  20. Work out
  21. Go outside
  22. Make a breakup song playlist

Achievements of an Empowered Female Millennial

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Characteristics of responsibility are drilled into students beginning day one, throughout post-secondary, and onward. The following tasks beaten overhead are a good starting point and general guideline, not a golden rule: “Work hard, do your best, meet deadlines, show up on time (which means ten minutes early), don’t slip out early, etc.” This ethic is said to lead to reward. Reward being higher grades, to get into reputable post-secondary institutions, to get better jobs, to make parents proud, to then move out, start a family, and be successful. Repeat for generations.

Popular societal long term goals with a strict timeline…


Other than struggle with his own level of patience

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Let’s face it — as much as I hate to generalize genders, there are a lot of relationships with a male partner who takes literally less than five minutes to get ready, and a female partner who takes longer than that to complete just part of the process. Can you tell I am typing from experience?

This list will help your boyfriend to pass the time in ways that benefit himself, your relationship, your living situation, and your mood and experience during the upcoming activity. Here are thirty-three things your partner can do while waiting for you to get ready:

July 17th — National Emoticon Day 📅

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There are loads of emojis available at our fingertips already. The amount is only going to increase with the demand of inclusivity and diversity of race, sexual orientation, age, and culture. I recommend, and I predict: Apple will release an update to allow streamlined personalization of each emoticon and customizable categorization for each user.

Emojis are frequently used as punctuation in private chat, and in captions on Instagram or Twitter. The period symbol has become quite an abrupt statement in itself. Emojis can be used to convey a message on their own without words. Is there a written language more…

Image by: CreatedByDaphne

In light of the black lives matter movement towards equal human rights — a letter of self-reflection

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy

I am a white priviledged female. My life has been fairly easy. Green grass. Loving parents. Positive outlook on life. My life isn’t perfect. Of course, I’ve gone through my share of shit, but I work hard and things generally work out as I manifest. I am grateful. Frankly, I am only acutely aware of the racism that still exists in the world. For my challenges have never been about my race.

A Letter of Self-Reflection

I am sorry for all the times I chose to be a mere bystander when I heard a racist comment.

I am sorry for all the times I…

Acknowledge the silver-lining, even when it is controversially insensitive to admit.

hopeful girl eyes closed grin face softly resting on the back of anothers hand
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Note from author: This article was written before the death of George Floyd. The world is currently in absolute shambles, which really puts everything into perspective. The Coronavirus viciously took the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. The globe has suffered tremendously in various aspects during this time and will continue to overcome the affects for some time.

I did hesitate to publish this article after such overwhelmingly disturbing events of inequality and tragedy came to light. I have no doubt that change and justice are long overdue. …


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